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Me: when did you start with drawing?
Atsunchii: age 7

Me: how do you see your improvements?
Atsunchii: I don’t even look at the improvements that much I do sometimes check those but caring? no.

Me: How much time do you need for one drawing.
Atsunchii: Depends on the drawing, 2-5 days.

Me: what art tools do you use?
Atsunchii: I mostly use my drawing tablet, Intuos Pro (Link)
I never wanted one but it happened to be that I got one as a present

Me: What do you feel when you draw or make art?
Atsunchii: It relieves stress I feel calmer and I can think about stuff much easier.

Me: Does art affect your day?
Atsunchii: Sometimes when I look at others people art I feel like my art isn’t worth it
*laughs awkwardly*

Me: why?

Atsunchii: i don’t know !!! *laughs*

Me: Do you consider still making art in the future?
Atsunchii: Yeah sure!

Me: What do you want to do in the future?
Atsunchii: hmm.. hmmm

Me: that’s a good question right?

Atsunchii: yeah… *laughs*
comics… short comics, about my daily life, for example, me trying to open a jar of pickles (they are tasty) but I can’t open them.

Me: we are coming to the end I say thank for the answers and do you have anything to say?

Atsunchii: Dinosaurs are the best!

Me: ok… thank you!

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