What would happen if we could use 100% capacity of our brain?

The idea that we use only 10% of our brains let’s call it a myth.

Our brain is constantly active. It would make even more sense to say that we use 100% of our brain all the time, but even this is kind of confusing. Both 10% or 100% estimates are not even wrong.

Brain function depends on qualitatively different patterns of activity, rather than quantities of activity. These patterns change depending on what you are doing, so some neurons or groups of neurons become active when others become inactive.

Activating all neurons at the same time would be like pushing a brake and the accelerator of a car at the same time – don’t do that, not a very good idea!

Well, what does it mean now? If too many neurons become active simultaneously it can actually be dangerous. Hyperactivity of groups of neurons is associated with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

When people say “you are only using a fraction of your brain” they are giving a pseudoscientific veneer to a piece of age-old folk knowledge: the perfectly reasonable idea that we are not realizing our full potential as people.

But improving our thoughts and behavior is not a matter of amplifying neural activity. Instead, it is about creating new and beneficial behavioral patterns, which correlate with altered neural activity patterns.

So if you want to explore what else you are capable of, just look around at people who have changed their habits.

What happens when people explore what they are capable of? They push themselves to become better at whatever it is they are interested in: science, art, music, business, and the most difficult skill of all, becoming a more compassionate human being.

The question is left, can we use or increase our brain up to 100% capacity?

The only way you can dramatically increase your brain’s processing abilities to the max. is to to use more of it on your daily basis.


Let’s say, for example, get off your digital devices or use them less and start:

  • trust your own instincts on the road, in the wild or where ever you go
    (no navigation system, use your eyes more to remember directions)
  • do mental arithmetic
  • let your fingers do more complex work
  • have more face-to-face communication with people
  • write handwritten notes
  • take a good walk outside in the park, botanical gardens or any nature kind of environment
    [Tweet “Leonardo da Vinci once said, use all our senses, especially our sense of sight.”]

Constantly strategise and think through your problems, by seeing ahead, seeing beyond, seeing from above, seeing from behind, seeing sideways, seeing beneath, seeing within and seeing through.

When looking at a problem or challenge or issue at hand, explore beyond the positives and the negatives, like what’s interesting here.

Break your patterned routines, so as to be able to see something different or think something different or do something different; more precisely, to see the world afresh and anew.

Out of our own experience, our brain capabilities are only limited by “You”
let’s say there is something “You” want to do and you tell yourself (“You” will never be able to do such a thing) then your mind will most likely be less interested to do such a thing (less active) and you will feel like things are hard to do, but what if you start it different, what if you say (“You” can do that) even if you never tried it. Your brain will be more active in the way you want it. Your brain will feel more challenged and active (Happy).

Short way to say it, by taking an interest in what you do or rather, doing something that interests you. Only when the mind is intrigued can you fully employ it without distractions.

Break your patterned routines, so as to be able to see something different or think something different or do something different; more precisely, to see the world afresh and anew.

Imagine, fantasize, and play diffrent scenarios in your head: best-case, realistic-case, and worst-case. In the corprate/business world, this is scenario projection often practiced by high – performance professionals!

Becoming involved in the arts, movement, like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. develops the “right brain” faculties, and it is more satisfying to have a more fully developed mind.

If you raise your nature gifted routinary(average)consciousness level to higher consciousness, by conscious efforts, done at your deliberate will, in presence of this higher consciousness,many brain areas open up, get activated and show newer functional modalities like to think at will & to be thoughtless at will,for seeing,visionary capacity, sanity, wisdom, holistic seeing, telepathic tendencies, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception etc. Such person shows positive higher emotions.
This is increased capacity of the brain.









Top 5 Animated short movies with deep meaning

So today we went on our most favorite site “YouTube” and gathered some heartwarming, interesting and adorably short but strong animated movies for you.

Talk less and let’s go straight to the list!


(this top list has no rank system depending on the place the videos are)

1. Little Quentin (Animation)

Slightly terrifying and probably 18+

2.  Dark Dark Woods – by The Animation Workshop

Well made animation with a cute story (good combination for us)

3. Petals – Animated Short Film

Funny, short and good ending

4. This Actually Happens A Lot

This feels like a weird combination of the random style of internet animations and actually sincere animations.

5. The Present 

“The Present” is a graduation short from the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Support links
Website – The Present
Facebook- The Present

3D-printed prosthetic limbs: step up into the future of medicine

So lately I took my mind into 3D printed limbs (Prosthetic limbs can cost up to $100,000 vs 3D Printed limb up to $300). I searched thought the internet for all kinds of companies and heartwarming stories I probably cried (i cried a lot). That took me to the idea to write an article about it cause I want to share and show good news. In this article I will not cover every story I’ve read, heard or seen but I will make a Top 5 List of the stories.

First of all for the people who don’t know what 3d printing is here is a little informative video.

Top 5 List

(this list has no rank system or whatsoever)

1. Comparing: $50 3D printed hand vs. $42,000 prosthetic limb

2.Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics
(what a person would I be if don’t include animals)

3.Luke’s 3D Printed e-NABLE Hand – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

4.An Affordable 3D-Printed Arm

5.Isabella July 2015

Support Links:
– Print prosthetics yourself 

Monster Hunter XX: Release for Nintendo Switch

(at least in Japan) Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter XX  is heading to the Nintendo Switch.

06.06.2017 at 19:15  The action-rpg Monster Hunter XX, which was released in Japan on March 18 for Nintendo 3DS, is now also to receive a revised spin for the Nintendo Switch. In a Livestream from Japan Capcom already showed first play scenes to the new edition of the game for the switch. Stream


For newbies

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is the latest entry in the series and an evolution of Monster Hunter X (Cross) (titled Monster Hunter Generations outside of Japan and Asia), which shipped 3.3 million units in Japan.* In addition to maintaining the gameplay and world that the series is known for, as well as Hunting Styles, Hunter Arts and other new elements introduced in the previous installment, the upcoming game is planned to feature a new main monster, a powered-up Prowler Mode, and all new towns and areas, expanding on the celebrated gameplay experience. Further, Capcom’s development team is working diligently to provide game content that new-comers as well as fans of the series can thoroughly enjoy, including the ability to carry over most save data from Monster Hunter X (Cross) and a bonus in-game item for players with save data from Monster Hunter Stories—the first RPG entry in the series, which was released on October 8, 2016.

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Nintendo 3DS owners will also be able to transfer saves back and forth between the handheld version and Nintendo Switch edition. Owners of Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS can transfer saves to Switch, although it doesn’t work the other way.
According to IGN, Nintendo Switch owners can also look forward to 1080p resolution, four-person local multiplayer and online play.

Last but not least the trailer